Dental Implants in Kennesaw, GA

Restore the health and beauty of your smile.


A Lost Tooth is Not the End for Your Smile

Dental implants are the most effective tooth replacement option available today.

This modern restorative procedure offers numerous benefits to the health and aesthetics of your smile, including preventing bone loss and restoring your ability to chew and speak normally.

If you’re dealing with a missing tooth or two, or if you’ve been told you need to have a tooth removed, talk to us. Our dentists take a special interest in restorative procedures and proudly offer modern and high-quality tooth implant restorations in Kennesaw.

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The Best Way to Replace Missing Teeth

  • Dental implants work by taking the place of your missing root and replicating your natural tooth structure.
  • High-tech tooth implants are created with specialized, biocompatible materials and offer permanent results.
  • Finish your implant with a dental crown, bridge, or denture and smile proudly once again. We’ll help you understand what type of restoration works best for your needs.

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Connie S.

Super friendly and accommodating staff! They truly help out with your dental needs and discuss all options available to you. I really like Dr. Hildreth!


We Love to Make You Smile

At Hildreth Dental, we make it easy to get a dental implant in Kennesaw. It all starts with our commitment to treating patients the way we’d want to be treated — with trustworthy and high-quality service.

You’ll enjoy our up-to-date office atmosphere staffed with a friendly and skilled team. We’ve thoughtfully created an environment to help you feel at ease.

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Special Details

Coffee, bottled water, blankets, pillows — we’ve thought of all the little details to make your visit more enjoyable.

Advanced Technology

Our dental implant treatments are completed using advanced techniques that lead to reliable results.

Safety First Approach

We’re dedicated to safety, exceeding CDC and OSHA guidelines and following strict sterilization protocols.


We’re Here to Help

If you don’t find an answer here, please reach out to us.

Do you really need to replace my missing tooth?

Missing teeth affect more than just the appearance of your smile. The biggest danger associated with missing teeth is bone loss — without the tooth roots to support it, your jawbone will begin to deteriorate. Bone loss puts you at risk of losing neighboring teeth, can change the shape of your face, and make you more susceptible to gum disease.

What’s it like to get a dental implant?

A lot easier than you may think. When you work with us, we’ll let you know exactly what to expect at every stage of the process. Most importantly, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable — both during and after treatment. You’ll be back to normal in no time.

How long do dental implants last?

With proper care, your dental implant can last upwards of 25 years!

Kate S.

Great practice! Everyone is friendly. Appointments run on time. They also use enough numbing agents. (I’m really sensitive to pain and I have been fine!)

New Patients Welcome

  • First appointments take about 90 minutes
  • Complete paperwork ahead of time
  • Pay by credit card, cash, or personal check
  • We accept most major insurance plans
  • Not insured? Ask about our VIP Membership Plan and $200 New Patients Special

We look forward to meeting you!

Save at Hildreth Dental

$200 New Patient Special

No insurance? No problem. Get your first visit for just $200. Includes 3D x-rays, dental examination, and teeth cleaning.


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