Dental Crowns and Bridges

At Hildreth Dental, we understand the importance of restoring lost and damaged teeth. With our crowns and bridges, you can smile proudly and confidently, knowing your teeth are restored to their original condition.

Fix Your Smile With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Kennesaw, GA

If you have chipped, cracked, or broken teeth, don’t worry! We can help restore your smile with dental bridges and crowns at Hildreth Dental in Kennesaw, GA. Our skilled dentist and dental team are experienced in these restorative treatments and can provide you with beautiful and functional outcomes. We use porcelain or ceramic materials to create your new restoration, blending seamlessly with your existing teeth and allowing you to bite and chew comfortably.

Dental crowns are fixed caps that cover damaged or decayed teeth. They help to restore the strength and beauty of your teeth. Crowns are usually recommended when a tooth is too damaged or decayed to be treated with bonding or composite fillings. We may also use a dental crown to preserve a tooth after root canal therapy or restore a permanent dental implant.

A dental bridge is an excellent option if you’ve lost a tooth but are not ready for a dental implant. Dental bridges consist of crowns spanning the gap left after a tooth is lost or extracted. We take impressions of the area to ensure a comfortable and seamless fit. Our partner dental lab’s experienced technicians will then handcraft your restoration.

illustration of a crown being placed on a tooth
  • How much do crowns and bridges cost?

    If you’re wondering about the cost of dental crowns and bridges, we offer competitive pricing at our clinic in Kennesaw, GA. We partner with multiple leading insurance providers for your convenience. The cost of your dental crown or bridge will depend on several factors, such as the number of teeth treated and the material you choose. During a personalized consultation, we’ll provide you with a breakdown of the costs and can also discuss dental financing options for comfortable monthly payments. Don’t let budget constraints compromise your oral health. Our seasoned dental team in Kennesaw, GA, can provide custom crowns and bridges to restore oral health, attractive look, and dental function!

  • How do temporary dental crowns work?

    When getting a dental crown, your dentist follows a few steps. Firstly, they take an impression of your upper and lower dental arches to create a replica of your teeth. This replica is used as a base for the permanent crown. The crown should fit securely on the base of the tooth being crowned without allowing bacteria to enter underneath the tooth structure.

    The impression is usually sent to a dental laboratory where the permanent dental crown is built. However, before the permanent crown can be fitted, the dentist will shape the tooth base below it. This process could leave your tooth vulnerable in the short period between the impression being made and the permanent crown being delivered. Therefore, temporary dental crowns protect your tooth during this period.

More Questions?

If you have more questions about dental crowns and bridges, please contact our office, and we will be happy to discuss further.

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