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Do You Have Tooth Pain?

For people of all ages, tooth pain and toothaches are frequent problems. The majority of people will endure tooth discomfort at some point in their lives.

At Hildreth Dental, we work to identify the source of your pain so that we can treat it and help you prevent future dental problems. We offer a broad spectrum of restorative procedures designed to relieve tooth discomfort and ensure your teeth’s health for years to come.

Tooth Pain Symptoms

  • Swollen gums, jaw, or face
  • Experiencing jaw and mouth pain
  • Sharp discomfort when eating or biting food
  • Extreme sensitivity to warmth or cold when consuming food or beverages
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What Causes Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain can be caused by a whole range of issues but is most commonly caused by tooth decay, gum disease, a broken/cracked tooth, or an impact injury to your face.

When your tooth has severe decay, is infected, or is damaged, it becomes extremely sensitive in that area because the protective covering is damaged or missing. If left untreated, this can be excruciatingly painful and cause discomfort when drinking or eating. Additionally, if you ignore the issue, you risk losing your teeth.

Tooth Pain Treatment Options

Tooth pain cannot be diagnosed without completing an examination. The specific treatments you receive will depend on the symptoms you are experiencing and the degree of tooth damage. Treatments we commonly administer to provide tooth pain relief include:

  • Composite fillings
  • Mouth Guards
  • Root canals
  • Crowns
  • Tooth removal
  • Dental implants
When you visit our office with tooth pain, we’ll work with you to find the root of the problem and cure it. Every consultation begins with a discussion of what you are experiencing. Then, to determine what is causing the discomfort, we’ll take x-rays and inspect the problematic location.

We’ll develop a treatment strategy to relieve your tooth pain after we’ve identified the underlying cause of it. Every patient is different, and we’ll collaborate with you to ensure all your requirements are fulfilled.

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Put an End to Tooth Pain

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